Do You Shop Smart?

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Here's a quick quiz to help evaluate your skills in the grocery store.

(Plus, don't miss the printable handout that I've hidden in the post!)


1. When you’re looking for a healthful grain food, what are you most likely to put in your cart?

A. Brown rice
B. White rice
C. Pasta
D. White bread

2. Roughly how much of your cart is filled with fruits and vegetables?

A. 20%
B. 30%
C. 40%
D. 50%

3. If you’re selecting meat or poultry, what are you most likely to choose?

A. 80% lean ground beef
B. Skinless chicken breasts
C. Chicken thighs with skin
D. Sausages

4. Which dairy food is a staple in your cart?

A. Whole milk
B. Nonfat plain Greek yogurt
C. Sliced cheddar cheese
D. Drinkable strawberry yogurt

5. True or false: It’s wise to check the Nutrition Facts panel rather than the marketing claims on the front of the box.

A. True
B. False


  1. A. Brown rice By choosing whole grain foods instead of refined grain foods, you get more nutrients, especially fiber. If you’d like to add bread and pasta to your cart, look for 100% whole grain varieties.
  2. D. 50% In order to follow MyPlate’s advice and fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables at each meal, it’s wise to fill half your cart with fruits and veggies too!
  3. B. Skinless chicken breasts Fatty cuts of meat or poultry are loaded with saturated fat, which is bad news for your heart and waistline. Stick to lean versions like skinless chicken breasts and remember to eat a variety of protein sources.
  4. B. Nonfat plain Greek yogurt With loads of protein and calcium, yet lacking the fats and added sugars of the other options, this is a great choice from the dairy food group.
  5. A. True Manufacturer’s claims don’t have to hold up to the same scrutiny as the information on the Nutrition Facts label, so that’s where you should go as you evaluate a food.

And here's the free PDF handout!

ShopSmartQuiz Do You Shop Smart?

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