Discover Your Inner Chef Campaign

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Deborah Lay, MSc., RD, Public Health Nutritionist, Durham Region Health Department has a “Discover Your Inner Chef Campaign” to help their low-income population become more confident in the kitchen.

Here are the topics and objectives:

Discover Your Inner Chef campaign will continue throughout 2010 with supportive messages focused on the following topics:

  • Canada’s Food Guide offers healthy choices to maximize your food budget and save!
  • Planning ahead helps you control your food budget and save!
  • Get to know your grocer store and save!
  • Discover your inner chef… cook at home and save!
  • Use your leftovers to create something new and save!

Clients can call or visit to obtain a kit, which helps them plan ahead and make better meals in their kitchen. The Food Budget Kit is designed to provide people with the basic tools to start developing food skills Contents include:

  • Everybody’s Food Budget Book
  • Canada’s Food Guide
  • Menu planner
  • Recipes
  • Spices
  • Canned food strainer

Since the launch in October, approximately 350 kits have been ordered. Deborah has had great success engaging their population online.

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