Diet and Exercise – Perfect Partners!

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Benefits of Being More Active

Strengthens muscles that help you breathe
You become a better fat burner; you actually make more of the enzymes that burn fat in your body
You’ll have more energy
Helps you regulate your appetite better
Improves insulin sensitivity which helps you to burn calories easier rather than store them as fat
Increases self-esteem so you feel confident about the decisions you are making
Helps relieve tension and anxiety so you are better able to manage your food decisions
Decreases the risk of colon cancer and possibly other cancers
May help retard aging
May increase brain power
Weight bearing and resistance exercise will:
Help increase bone strength and prevent osteoporosis
Help you develop overall muscle strength
Increase basal metabolic rate so you burn more calories even while sleeping
Helps keep you from falling

Specific Benefits to Your Heart:
Increases stroke volume (the amount of blood pumped out each time your heart beats)
This allows heart rate to decrease and resting pulse to decrease (so the heart works less at rest!)
The amount of work performed before you get chest pain will increase
Helps protect against rapid heart rate
Affects other risk factors for heart disease by:
Decreasing blood pressure
Decreasing the circulating blood fats (triglycerides)
Decreasing weight around the middle
Increasing HDL, the good cholesterol
Helping with smoking cessation
Helping to control blood sugar
Relieving stress
Altering a sedentary lifestyle

By Nancy Kennedy, MS, RD, Cardiac Rehab Educator, Shelby Township, MI

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