Diabetes: Eat Right!

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Diabetes management can be tough, but with this handy handout, you won't have to worry about putting a nutritious meal on the table tonight.


You will need 1 whole spaghetti squash (you’ll use one cup of cooked squash), 3 ounces raw tuna steak, 1/4 cup diced tomatoes, 1 tsp chopped parsley, juice from 1 lime, 1 cup arugula, 1 tsp balsamic vinegar, 2 yellow cherry tomatoes, and 1/3 cup cooked brown rice (we chose short grain brown rice because it sticks together nicely).


  1. Halve the spaghetti squash in half and scoop out the seeds. Place halves with the cut side down in a covered dish, then stick that dish in the microwave. Cook for 10 minutes or until the squash is soft enough to pierce with a sharp knife. Scrape a cup of the cooked squash out of its shell. Twist the pile into a neat, round nest on the plate.
  2. Grill the tuna steak. You can use a nonstick pan or a panini machine. Use a light spray of cooking oil to keep the tuna from sticking to the pan (or machine).
  3. Place the cooked tuna on a plate and top with the tomatoes, parsley, and lime juice.
  4. Plate arugula and top with balsamic vinegar and cherry tomatoes (we used golden cherry tomatoes).
  5. Use a 1/3 cup measuring cup to mold the rice into a column on 1/4 of the plate.

Nutrition Information:

  • This recipe makes a single 476 calorie serving. There are 13 grams of fat, 3 grams of saturated fat, and 0 grams of trans fat on the plate, along with 24 grams of carbohydrate, 3 grams of dietary fiber, 3 grams of sugar, and 63 grams of protein.
  • We can't forget sodium and cholesterol! There are 114 milligrams of sodium and 97 milligrams of cholesterol in this meal.
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