December Poster Contest Winner Announced

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10ks December Poster Contest Winner AnnouncedWant to know who won the December poster contest? You've come to the right place!

Last month, we asked health educators to write down their goals for their clients. What do they wish they could help their clients do in 2015? What would make their lives easier and healthier?

As always, I was floored by the responses.

It took me longer than usual to pick a winner, but ultimately I was most moved by the answer from Joy Cornthwaite, an educator at the University of Texas's Health Science Center.

Joy wrote...

I wish I could have a kitchen where we could prep meals for a week as a class for my diabetic moms-to-be. I would call this class a la Supper Studio, so that patients can see the teaching in a tangible, tasty, manageable way.

Joy, we cannot give you a kitchen, but we can give you a poster for your classroom! You are the lucky winner of the 10,000 steps poster, which you can hang in your teaching space in order to inspire your clients. Please keep us posted on your work!

Oh, and if you'd like your very own copy of the 10,000 steps poster for 2015, you can get a copy now! This poster offers a fun way to help your clients get more active and have more fun while exercising. It's colorful, creative, and engaging -- perfect for any space. See it for yourself and let me know what you think.

Another poster contest is coming soon! Stay tuned!

Oh, and if you're looking for other inspiring posters that will resonate with your clients, take a look at these great options!

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185 December Poster Contest Winner Announced
Real Food Grows Poster
37np December Poster Contest Winner Announced
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