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Dates are thought to have originated in lands around Iraq but also grown in warm climates such as California. Dates are grown on palm trees much like coconuts. They are difficult to harvest and are separated and pollinated by hand.

  • Dates are an excellent source of fiber and potassium and are known to have a laxative effect if eaten in excess.
  • You can use chopped dates in salads, trail mix, or quick breads or eat them by themselves for a sweet snack.
  • Dates add a delicious, natural sweetness to oatmeal. One date sliced up is often just enough to add a sweet flavor to your bowl and it is only 20 calories.
  • Cut them in half and use them to make an attractive fruit salad, combining with other fruits. They can also be cut in half and filled with nut butter.
  • Store  your dates in the refrigerator in a sealed container to maintain moisture and flavor over the long term.
  • Take care because one cup of dates is over 400 calories.

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