Cool Ways to Move More This Summer

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There are lots of ways to stay active in the summertime while beating the heat. Don't let skyrocketing temperatures glue you to the couch!

Here are a few ideas that you can use to inspire your audience to get moving, even when it's toasty outside...

  • Get up early and do a sunrise walk -- the temperatures won't be too high yet and you'll be amazed at the difference in your neighborhood at sunrise.
  • Swim laps in a pool during your lunch break.
  • Take a water aerobics class. What better way to keep cool than in a pool that's chilled to the right temperature for exercise? Plus, a group will help keep you inspired and accountable.
  • Play catch in the sprinklers with the kids. You're never too old to play in the yard!
  • Take a walk after dinner as the day is coming to a close.
  • Purchase a gym pass. Air-conditioning, personal trainers, tons of equipment -- what's not to love? Plus, you could even find a fun bootcamp that's indoors.
  • Speaking of air conditioning, when the temperatures really rise, consider playing indoor games like bowling, ping pong, or mini golf. All the activity, none of the heat exhaustion.
  • Walk the mall a few times... and then go shopping.
  • Take dance lessons.
  • Get near the water -- it's always a bit cooler by a lake or on a beach!

Which approach will you try first?

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