How Coffee Could Add A Pound Per Week

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McDonalds is making quite a buzz with its McCafe coffee drinks. Customers are flocking to their counters to save money and add one more stop option for their portable coffee drinks. We decided to take a look at the Nutrition Facts for these McCafe beverages to see what they are adding to everyone’s waist lines. The good news is that the Cappuccino and Latte both supply about the same amount of calcium as a cup of milk, at least when they are medium or large sizes. But the bad news is that if you order the whole milk or caramel flavored versions you are going to add 120-290 calories per cup. If you have one or two cups per day during work days, this can add almost a pound per week depending on your drink per choice. It is important to remember that while fat-free is a better choice, it is not calorie free and sugar (caramel) and other flavorings can add a significant amount of calories - note how the nonfat large caramel cappuccino is just 60 calories less than its whole milk counterpart. Iced is not low cal - we added that column because we were surprised at the number of calories the iced coffees added when ordered in the large size. Sugar free would be a better way to go since it is about half the calories.

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