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veggiescut1.jpg Choose Foods to Chew
Foods that require more chewing?typically provide more satiety per?calorie than more processed?foods.
2 very easy ways to promote?calorie control include:
1) Choose foods that are high in?fiber and low in calories that?require more chewing. This?means more salads, cooked?whole grains, fresh fruits,?cooked beans, baked potatoes?- in other words, whole?foods that are high in fiber and?low in fat.
These foods make it easier to?enjoy a healthy diet that is?lower in calories and higher in?fiber and nutrients.
Examples of foods to avoid or?limit include: processed baked?goods, candies, cheese, fatty?fried foods, desserts, processed?meats, packaged snack?foods and fatty entrees that?are low in fiber.
2) Avoid beverages with calories.?Studies are showing that beverages?with calories go down?quite easily and without your?body registering them as calories.?So you will consume a lot?of calories quickly but you?won?t feel like you consumed?them so you are likely to consume?too many calories during?the day.
Examples of these include?large shakes, smoothies, juice,?punch, creamy coffee drinks,?sweetened teas, alcoholic?beverages and soda.
Switch to water or unsweetened?tea or coffee. Skip the?sugar and cream. Add a little?flavor with fresh lemon, lime or?orange. Buy whole fruit instead?of fruit juice. Experiment?with herbal teas and brew?them yourself so you can control?what goes in them. These?are all better for your pocketbook,?too!
Here are a few common foods?that are good sources of fiber?and take time to chew:
?Oranges and grapefruit
?Brown rice
?Corn on the cob
?Baked potatoes
?Cooked beans/legumes
?Greens - collards, lettuce,?spinach, kale, cabbage
Use smaller utensils and plates so you can take longer to chew?and consume food more slowly.
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