Choose This Not That

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This presentation starts with breakfast, or the lack of it which leads many to the coffee shop where they start with a creamy drink and big piece of cake. Then it proceeds to sugary beverages and packaged snacks, followed by typical American fare for lunch and dinner, most of which might not be eaten at home.

Show your clients one popular fast food meal and then show them a great replacement based on their tastes and preferences. Do they like fruit soda? What about a glass of water with lemon? Fruit pastries? What about toast with fresh fruit?

Choose This Instead of That is an effective message that makes a fun presentation. You can show all meals from breakfast, lunch, dinner plus snacks and beverages, using real food, food models, magazine photos or photos in a PowerPoint show, to illustrate what they are eating versus what they should be eating. This concept can get across many messages in a relevant fashion quickly and it is very visual. Victoria Shanta Retelny, RD, asked us for help with such a show and it is always popular!

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