Cholesterol Quiz — Do You Know?

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Screen shot 2012 12 05 at 11.27.30 AM Cholesterol Quiz -- Do You Know?The food choices you make have a significant impact on your cholesterol level and the health of your cardiovascular system. Take this quiz to find out how heart smart you really are. Tally up your score at the end.

1. Which item below is the best choice for your heart?
a. Lean hamburger, no cheese b. Fried chicken breast c. Baked salmon d. They are all about the same

2. You are standing in a fast-food line and want to choose what is best for your heart. You pick:
a. Chicken deluxe sandwich b. Crispy chicken salad c. Small plain hamburger d. Fried fish sandwich

3. You should fill your plate about half full with a lean meat or chicken item, leaving the rest of the space for vegetables and a starch.
a. True b. False

4. Which item is lowest in fat and saturated fat?
a. Plain bagel with cream cheese b. Small cake donut c. Cinnamon roll d. English muffin with fruit preserves

5. Which grain listed below is the best choice for your heart?
a. Whole-wheat pasta b. Brown rice c. Barley d. They are all good choices

6. About two thirds of your plate should be filled with whole grains, beans, vegetables and/or a fruit.
a. True b. False

7. Which vegetables are best for your heart?
a. Broccoli b. Carrots c. Corn d. They are all good choices

8. Which is better for your heart?
a. Butter b. Margarine (tub) c. Margarine (stick)

9. You are given a choice of the following side dishes—which one is best?
a. Baked potato b. French fries c. White rice

10. Which food is the greatest source of saturated fat in the American Diet?
a. cheese b. milk c. meat d. cookies

1. C - Dried beans and legumes are great, too.
2. C - A small hamburger has less sodium and fat than the other choices. Know before you go!
3. B - see number 6.
4. D - but oatmeal with skim milk is best
5. D - try to eat 3 or more whole grains per day
6. A - keep them all low in fat
7. D - eat 3 cups of veggies a day
8. B - always buy trans-free margarine
9. A - choose low-fat toppings
10. A - but B and C are major sources, too

8-10 answers right: A - you are right on!
6-8 answers right: B - needs a little work.
4-5 answers right: C - needs more work.
1-3 answers right: D - uh oh, try again.

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