Make Better Choices to Lower Salt

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Many foods in the grocery store are laden with a lot of added sodium. Here are the danger foods along with ideas of how to make better substitutions to lower the amount of sodium you eat:

  • Canned foods - most canned foods are very high in sodium. Soups, canned tomatoes, pasta sauce, canned veggies and pasta dishes are included in this mix. Choose canned foods that have no salt added or use fresh items instead...
  • Deli meat and cheese is high in sodium - use fresh chicken or fish, canned tuna, nut butter without added salt
  • Frozen dinners are very high in sodium. Choose frozen veggies and make your own meals with fresh poultry/fish and plain rice or pasta
  • Boxed pasta and rice mixes are very high in salt - use plain rice or pasta with seasonings instead
  • Grain items like bread, crackers, and packaged cereals are high in salt - choose lower salt versions instead
  • Pickled foods, dressings and condiments are high in sodium; choose fresh veggies and vinegar

Cook Without Salt

Choose salt-free herbs and seasonings to flavor your food instead of using salt:

  • Dried or fresh herbs
  • Garlic or ginger
  • Flavored vinegars and salt-free condiments

Choose Better When Eating Out

Most restaurant foods are laden with sodium. Here is how to make better choices:

  • Know before you go - most of your favorite places are likely to have nutrition information online - be aware of what you are ordering and make better choices
  • Order plain items without salt - like baked fish or chicken, baked potatoes, pasta with diced fresh tomatoes, steamed veggies, a plain burger without condiments.
  • Avoid: deli meat, breaded items, cheese, bread, olives, mustard, pickles, pretzels, sauces, soups, dressing.
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