Chicken and sodium beware

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While shopping for chicken in the store I became aware that many popular brands inject their products with high-sodium chicken broth. This was the case for chicken parts as well as whole chicken. The addition of this broth makes the sodium go from about 75 mg per serving to over 200 mg per serving.
It is best to check the label of the chicken to see if the ingredients include chicken broth or salt/sodium.
If you are buying ready-cooked chicken, the sodium is likely to be even higher.
The package might state, “All Natural Fresh Chicken is chicken the way you want it. Minimally processed. No added hormones or steroids. No artificial ingredients.” but the added sodium is a concern for all, particularly those who have high blood pressure or those who don’t want to get it! Make sure you read the Nutrition Facts Panel on chicken products so you can keep the sodium to 200 mg or less per serving. Keep sauces and other prepared foods that accompany them low in sodium, too, so your diet stays within the recommended ranges of the new Dietary Guidelines of 2,000 mg per less for most individuals and 1,500 mg or less for those with high blood pressure.
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