Changing Plates

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We have quite a few new projects boiling in the FHC kitchen. One of which will be portion control cooking. The camera, as always, is poised in the kitchen. The cabinets are filled with a variety of "dish singles" - meaning dishes that are great for photos - but there are only one of them! And seeing how the summer usually means great dish bargains in stores, I decided to hunt for new additions.

I elected to purchase a new set of everyday dishes. The old set was getting tired - it had a lot of chips and the dishes were just too big for the cabinet and the dishwasher and the portion control project. Which prompted some dish research. What type? What colors? What sizes?

I decided on getting a variety of smaller plates - sort of Mediterranean style. Bye bye big dinner plate:

Hello smaller plates:


small platesmall plate #1

With smaller plates, you are encouraged to serve yourself less food. They fit in the dishwasher and cabinets easier. And they are fun to mix and match. Thanks to Williams and Sonoma having an 85% off sale, these beautiful imports were comparable to Walmart pricing.

The bowls were downsized as well. To illustrate that point, I loaded them with a sugar-frosted, sugar-flavored cereal that we don't eat that is left over from a photo assignment that adds color and effect to the picture.

Bye bye bigger bowl:

big cereal bowl

Smaller new bowl:

small cereal bowl

Each bowl contains exactly one cup of cereal. Look how the cup of cereal appears larger in the smaller white bowl. Smaller bowls just make good sense!

The smaller bowls are also great for serving and storing ready-to-eat fruit:


There is one very large pasta bowl I bought in WS. I pictured the most gorgeous large entree salad in my mind when I was choosing it.
I also thought this bowl could double as a serving dish or a vegetarian pasta entree dish as pictured below. It made a fine dinner when paired with the chopped salad below it.
large salad pasta bowl

chopped salad

So, we are changing plates! More recipes and photos to come soon.

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