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Today's post is all about My Plate, with links to the latest blog posts and handouts that my team of experts and I have created. I'll also shine the spotlight on a few fantastic MyPlate educational materials from the Nutrition Education Store -- there are some brand-new resources that...
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Here's a collection of all the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans resources that we have created to date. Which ones will make your life easier?

Are you ready for Family Fit Lifestyle Month? How about Healthy Weight Week? Fiber Focus Month? Oatmeal Month? Get everything you need for January, right here, right now!

Here are all the materials you need for an amazing start to the New Year! Check out the latest research updates, practitioner advice, handouts, recipes, and more! They're all in the January 2015 edition of Communicating Food for Health.

Putting together a comprehensive and engaging cooking demonstration is hard work -- but that's about to change.

Every poster contains information that is evidence-based, accurate and up-to-date. Richly-colored, graphic design and style educates, entertains and decorates.

Download January 2014 Practitioner Resources - PDF Newsletter for Professionals Handouts - All 6 handouts in one PDF FILE January2014Handouts 1 - Soup Recipe Handout - Winter Squash Soup January2014Handouts 2 - Mix Up Your Salad Routine - Salad Recipe Handout With Tips January2014Handouts 3 - Food Trends Chronicle - Coconut Oil - What the ... January 2014