Food and Health, Prevention

The typical American consumes enough added sugars to contribute to health problems...
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Here's a quick quiz to help evaluate your skills in the grocery store.
Food and Health, Prevention

National and international health organizations recommend that we consume an average of 250 to 500 mg of EPA + DHA daily, yet adults in the US consume only about 90 mg per day, a far cry from the amounts recommended to support healthy hearts, eyes, and brains...

As the new Nutrition Facts label starts hitting the shelves, I can't help but notice that people still make the same 3 mistakes as they evaluate a food...

These fun and educational incentives make the perfect prizes, rewards, awards, and gifts for health and wellness promotion. Set them up at your next wellness fair, nutrition class, or company raffle.

Choose from over 100 different nutrition posters, health posters, and motivational wellness posters, that will make your walls beautiful and educational.

The 5 Mistakes of Label Reading sum up the 5 most common mistakes made when shopping for packaged foods in the grocery store. How many times do people ignore Nutrition Facts Labels, choose packages and bottles that look like one serving but are really more, buy items that contain way too much sodium, or imagine they can munch all day on lowfat or sugar free items?