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The flavor exploration continues with… chocolate! In the next installment of our 10-part series about helping your clients Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right, we turn our attention to thoughts of chocolate. Check out its history, use as a flavor booster, health benefits, and its role in top recipes...
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The 10-part series on ways to Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right continues! Last week, we talked about the health and flavor boosts that berries can give to a meal. This week, we're going to do the same with vanilla.

Are you putting together a Valentine's Day cooking demonstration? If you are, you're not alone. Lynda Murray, RD, LD, recently requested healthful Valentine's Day recipes for an upcoming cooking demonstration in front of 150 people! We found so many great options for her in the free recipe archive that...

It’s time to help your clients achieve their goals. Of course, this is easier said than done, which is why we're offering you a free handout that walks its readers through the basics of setting achievable goals this February. Check out the handout preview below, and if you like...

Every poster contains information that is evidence-based, accurate and up-to-date. Richly-colored, graphic design and style educates, entertains and decorates.

With these incredible kits and resources, all you have to do is place your order, then sit back and wait for your materials to arrive.
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Here are the 10 most popular Food and Health Communications blog posts for 2013. Check these stories out to make sure you didn't miss anything. We see that you all love the food presentation ideas and news updates. Keep reading and we will bring you more great stories for 2014.