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This week, we'll be reviewing a variety of the health claims about coconuts and coconut oil. Are they wonderfoods or saturated fat bombs? Do they promote good health or harm it? We'll begin the discussion with an article by Dr. James J. Kenney, who debunks a few coconut health...

Putting together a comprehensive and engaging cooking demonstration is hard work -- but that's about to change.

Looking for compelling nutrition posters to brighten your walls with motivation and education? You have come to the right place!
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As a follow-up to Tuesday's article, today we thought we would feature a more in-depth look at what kinds of foods to use in order to replace foods that are loaded with empty calories.
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Have you seen our new poster, Seven Simple Steps? It reviews seven simple steps to save over 500,000 calories per year! It even comes with a free handout that provides all the details for each step. Because we love you, today we'll preview the first three steps from our poster.

Salads make simply fantastic meals. They are chock-full of nutrients and flavor, and -- when prepared thoughtfully -- they can be low in calories but still very satieting. Today we'd like to celebrate salad with a guide to its preparation, presentation, and transportation.

April is National Cancer Awareness Month. The American Institute of Cancer Research recommends eating a healthful, phytochemical-rich diet, exercising, and maintaining a healthful weight in order to reduce your cancer risk by 30%. Too busy at work to adhere to these guidelines? Just follow these suggestions for strategies to...