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Reducing salt intake by a mere 1200mg/day (or by less than 1/3) would save as many lives over the next 10 years as if all American smokers quit tomorrow for good.
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For 100 calories of carrots, apples, grapes, oranges, celery, berries and a banana you get to eat a larger portion than with cookies.
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We are working on our Portion Control DVD and wanted to present a few of the photos taken from the snacking section. We measured 150 calories of chips, cheese puffs and mini cookies and then compared those with 150 calories of carrots, grapes and berries. It is amazing at how much MORE you get to ... Snacking Lesson and Sneak Preview to New Portion Control DVD
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This is such a simple dish to make. Chop up a selection of fresh veggies - saute with a little (2 tsp) olive oil in a nonstick pan and add broth and fresh herbs (basil, oregano). Serve over heated pasta. Top with parmesan cheese. We find this is a...
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Some interesting stats for those wanting to know what I do to maintain ideal weight after the age of 40: Age: 45 BMI: 20 (5'7", 130 pounds) Number of hours watching TV per week: 0 Number of hours exercising per week: 16-20 Meals eaten out per week: 1-2 Yesterday's...