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Food, Nutrition, Health Observances Calendar for February 2022


In Season...
Bananas, Grapefruit, Lemons, Mushrooms, Onions and Leeks, Oranges, Pears, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes and Yams, Turnips, Winter Squash

National Food Months

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National Food Weeks


Heart Month

National Agriculture Week Begins

Women's Heart Health Day

First Day of Black History Month


Kiwi Day

Girls and Women in Sports Day


Wear red day


World Cancer Day (WHO)


Give Kids a Smile Day








Lets Move Anniversary










Valentine's Day

Have a Heart Day

Valentine's Day






World Cabbage Day


Random Acts of Kindness Day

National Drink Wine Day






Presidents' Day










World Pistachio Day






Bite of the Week: 3 Great Recipes for Heart Month!

February is Heart Month, and a big part of taking care of your heart is what you eat. That's why I've put together three of my very favorite heart-healthy recipes for you to share with your clients...

February 2021

February 2021 Newsletter and Resources for Premium Food and Health Communication Members: Table of Contents: Read-offline PDF newsletter Research update ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

2021 Predictions and Trends for Food and Nutrition

As we welcome 2021 and a new year, it is often fun to contemplate where we have been and where ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

Best of 2020

Here are the 16 top posts and nutrition education handouts from 2020 While 2020 goes down in history as the ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

Teaching a Cooking Class: Tips and Tricks

I have been teaching a string of cooking classes recently, and boy have I ever learned a lot! Here are the tried-and-true secrets that take a presentation from good to great...

5 Fast and Easy Cooking Demonstration Ideas

Putting together an engaging and informative cooking demonstration is much harder than it looks. Don't worry, though, because our chefs and presenters have tons of wonderful cooking demonstrations under their belts. They've gotten all that work down to a science. In fact, Judy Doherty, PC II and founder of Food and Health Communications, Inc is going to share some of her top cooking demonstration guides here today -- everything from planning to execution.

Making Family Mealtime Successful

We recently interviewed busy parents who are successful at making family mealtime work in their house. We thought they were ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

February 2020

February 2020 for Premium Food and Health Communication Members: Table of Contents: Read-offline PDF newsletter Research update for professionals White ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

How to Make an Engaging Nutrition Poster

Let this poster inspire you to make your own educational displays. You can use the same basic principle to craft any fun, engaging nutrition poster you'd like. Simply find great photos or drawings of healthful foods (magazine ads are great for this) and form the foods into letters that spell out a key word for your nutrition presentation.

Rainbow Fruit and Vegetable Activity Ideas

We've all heard about the importance of eating from the rainbow to get a variety of foods and nutrients. In fact, we've probably already taught this concept to our clients. But now it's time for a refresher -- a new way to make eating from the rainbow both fun and possible...

10 Free Nutrition Handouts

New handout delivery system for free nutrition handouts will serve more target audiences

Dietitian’s Cleanse

People appear to be drawn to cleanses, no matter how bad the health consequences of cleansing are. If that's what they want, there's a way to give it to them without endangering their health. Offer a balanced alternative to the cleansing crowd with this free handout, The Dietitian's Cleanse. Developed by Lenore Shamah, MS, RD, this "cleanse" is healthful, balanced, and won't endanger people's hearts.

Sneak Peek: February White Label Newsletter

Wondering what all the fuss is about? Check out this amazing white label newsletter that you can edit and distribute as your own...

February 2019

Are you ready for February? Here are lots of resources that can help you!

2019 Food and Nutrition Hot Topics and New Theme Finder

Here are the hottest food and nutrition education topics based on our professional writers' recommendations, customer requests, nutrition research, post ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

Chop Test: An Easier Way to Cook Vegetables

Have you ever wondered if you're cooking vegetables well? I've devised a simple approach that makes determining cooking time and methods a snap! Check out this post for the secret, and don't miss the free infographic!

March 2018

We are so excited to share our National Nutrition Month newsletter extra-early, so that you have plenty of time to ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

Kitchen Hack: Roast Chicken, Lentil Soup

Here are 2 wonderful winter meals. One is an elegant dinner for the first night and then a hearty soup ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

“Seasonal” Themed Salad Winter’s Best

Everyone always loves classic salads like Caesar Salad, Chef's Salad, or Greek Salad. They are made with the same ingredients ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

Add A Fancy Title To Your Meals

Here is a reason to add a little creativity to your description of fruit and vegetable dishes. Studies show, when ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

February 2018

It's time for the February edition of the Food and Health newsletter! Which article, chart, infographic, or recipe is perfect for your clients?

Healthy Heart Puzzle

February is American Heart Month, so what better time is there to help children understand the impact of their choices on their own hearts?

Practice Competencies for Nutrition Practitioners to Maintain Credentials

Beginning June 1, 2016, for recertifying credentialed nutrition and dietetics practitioners completing the 2016-2021 recertification cycle, the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) transitioned into an updated credentialing system based on practice competencies...

Nutrition News: Plant-Based Eating Pattern

The U.S. News and World Report recently assessed top diet plans in nine different categories and guess what?

Kitchen Hack: Hand Over the Keys to the Kitchen

This latest kitchen hack has some great information for parents...

The Science of Flavor

You guys, today is a special day! Today I want to share a sneak peek into the exclusive Science of Flavor Course by Chef Robert N. Corey, MBA, AOS, CEC, EWS...

Kitchen Hack: Eat More Fruit

It takes work to have the fruit in your kitchen end up eaten instead of discarded, especially as the week after your last trip to the store progresses and some fruits start to lose their luster. That's where today's kitchen hack comes in...

February 2017

Here's the next edition of the all-new member-exclusive newsletter, redesigned with more research, handouts, and practical tips. Enjoy!

Audience Motivation and Prizes

One way that I like to use positive reinforcement is through prizes that often communicate key lessons as well. This practice adds an extra layer to my presentations, allowing me to address a key subject from yet another angle...

Winter Fruit Plate

On my latest trip to a Vietnamese market, I picked up a dragon fruit. What a neat food! The color is bright fuschia on the outside with white, kiwi-like seeds on the inside. It's a little sour, so it's better to mix dragonfruit with sweeter fruit in a salad as a fun complement. Here's one great way to use this versatile fruit!

February 2016

Happy Heart Month! Here are all the resources you need to help your clients make this February the best month yet!

Valentine Dinner for Heart Month

February is such an exciting time to cook. It's Heart Month, and Valentine's Day offers a festive occasion that often centers on special and festive foods. I've decided to combine these two celebrations into one, putting together a spectacular meal that makes the best of both worlds.

Activity Idea: Cholesterol Hallway

Looking for a fresh new activity to help explain cholesterol damage? Check out this practitioner favorite!

Take Control of Your Portions

Portion control is just plain hard, and restaurant servings do not help. Today, because I love you, I am offering a free handout full of great ways to reduce oversized portions and manage a healthful diet. Check it out!

Cooking Skill Workshops

What would you do if you could enlist the help of a professional chef who is also an expert in healthful cooking?

Well, today is your lucky day. You really can get the help of a chef who trained at the Culinary Institute of America and who has spent over 20 years developing amazing techniques and new innovative ideas to improve cooking skills and freshen up old ideas.


How Much Salt Is In That?

It's Wise Health Consumer Month! Are you a wise health consumer? How can you improve your skills? How can you teach your skills to others? Well, knowledge is half the battle. When in doubt, start with research. Here are some crazy (yet true!) salt statistics, just for you...

Heart Month Activity Ideas

Happy Valentine's Day! Will you be our Valentine? Our gift to you is not a card or a piece of candy, but rather a guide to great Heart Month activity ideas. Enjoy!

Valentine’s Day Cooking Demonstration Ideas

Are you putting together a Valentine's Day cooking demonstration? If you are, you're not alone. Lynda Murray, RD, LD, recently requested healthful Valentine's Day recipes for an upcoming cooking demonstration in front of 150 people! We found so many great options for her in the free recipe archive that we got carried away by enthusiasm and want to share them with you too.

Get Ready for Valentine’s Day with Chocolate Dipped Strawberries!

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be all about chocolate and candy... but what fun would it be without a little festive celebration? Here's a recipe for a tasty Valentine's Day dessert that tastes decadent but packs a nutrient punch.

Free Handout: Set Your Goals for February

It’s time to help your clients achieve their goals. Of course, this is easier said than done, which is why we're offering you a free handout that walks its readers through the basics of setting achievable goals this February. Check out the handout preview below, and if you like what you see, follow the links to get a copy for yourself...

Are You Good to Your Heart?

February is American Heart Month, and to celebrate we're cracking the vault to give you a sneak peek at content that is usually exclusive to our members. So take this quiz to find out if you really are good to your heart...

High Five for Fiber and Free Infographic

Sometimes, all it takes is a great visual to encourage eating healthfully. Meet the latest addition to our amazing fiber resources, the High Five for Fiber Poster!

The Impact of the New CVD Guidelines on RDNs and Other Health Professionals

Confused by the new recommendations from the 2013 ACC/AHA Guideline on the Treatment of Blood Cholesterol to Reduce Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Risk in Adults? You're not alone. Lucky for you, Lynn Grieger, RDN, CDE, CPT, CWC, is here to break down the key points of the new report. Don't miss this great opportunity to learn about the changes in the guidelines...

5 Most Important Tips for Heart Health

It's Blood Pressure Awareness Month -- are you ready to pack in all the heart-tastic celebrating that you possibly can? We thought we'd begin with a list of 6 easy tips to help promote heart health...

Tasty and Healthful Valentine Treats!

If you were to try to figure out what Valentine's Day was all about just by checking the grocery store shelves, you would think it was a celebration of nothing more than overpriced candy. Instead of chowing down on artery-clogging foods this Valentine's Day, be good to your heart and try a healthful treat or two instead. Looking for inspiration? Try these delicious dipped strawberries!

Celebrate Heart Month!

Heart Month is here, which means that it's the perfect time to talk about blood pressure, cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, and more! It's exciting, but actually crafting all the materials for this whirlwind of health education can take up a ton of your time. Why reinvent the wheel? We've got all the handy heart materials you could possibly want, and if you don't see exactly what you need, let us know and we'll craft custom tools just for you! Here are some of our favorites...

Valentine’s Day Gift Inspiration

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a holiday centered around the heart, but a candy and dessert overload doesn't exactly promote heart health. Here are a few ideas for creative Valentine's Day gifts that are great for your heart!

Cholesterol 101

Today we're taking an excerpt from one of our most popular PowerPoint shows and bringing you the basics of cholesterol education. Learn about the types of cholesterol, the health risks it can pose, and ways to reduce your cholesterol levels...

More Whole Grains Equals Less Heart Disease

MyPlate's current featured message is all about whole grains. Did you know that MyPlate recommends that people make at least half of all the grains they eat whole grains? To find out why, we consulted Dr. James J. Kenney...

Blood Pressure 101

Want to learn the basics of blood pressure but aren't sure where to start? Check out this post, which puts all the information you need in a simple, engaging format. Learn about what's normal, what's not, and how to improve blood pressure today!

Is Coconut Oil Slimming?

We continue our discussion of coconut and coconut oil with a look at additional scientific facts about coconut oil. In today's article, we explore the role of coconut oil in weight management. Is coconut oil slimming?

Cuckoo for Coconuts?

This week, we'll be reviewing a variety of the health claims about coconuts and coconut oil. Are they wonderfoods or saturated fat bombs? Do they promote good health or harm it? We'll begin the discussion with an article by Dr. James J. Kenney, who debunks a few coconut health claims...

The Perfect Storm for Heart Disease

Public health week continues with this article about the link between diet, exercise, and heart disease. Two recent large, long-term epidemiologic studies add to the growing data linking diet to increased risk of cardiovascular disease morbidity and mortality.

MyPlate For The Heart

Our latest MyPlate creation is great for the heart! Barley, salmon, walnuts, vegetables, olive oil and more are made into a quick 30-minute meal that you will want to serve over and over again. Enjoy!

Happy Beans

Home run meal - this wonderful Mediterranean inspired meal has color and flavor down pat. Find out how we put it together quickly for a wonderful buffet that had everyone running back for seconds on the bean dish!

Tips for living a low sodium diet and BP outcome

I have been cooking at home a lot more. Usually I cook a lot but end up eating 2-3 meals ...[+] Food, Nutrition and Health Calendar by Food and Health Communications

Over and over

Avoiding heart disease requires more than switching to turkey and chicken. Eating enough fruits and vegetables and avoiding excesses of salt and fat are also key. One study shows great benefits by getting enough fruits and veggies!


Reducing salt intake by a mere 1200mg/day (or by less than 1/3) would save as many lives over the next 10 years as if all American smokers quit tomorrow for good.




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