The Building Blocks of a Healthy Lifestyle

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Activity and Exercise
• Take the stairs instead of the elevator
• Park further from work and walk
• Get off the bus or subway early
• Save gas--walk or bike ride to run errands
• Join a "mall walkers" group or aerobics class
• Go ice skating or roller skating
• Walk around the zoo or a museum
• Do exercises while watching TV
• Clean the house often and vigorously
• Play with the kids or walk the dog
• Join a team: volleyball, basketball, soccer
• Play golf (walk the course)
• Play with a friend: tennis, racquetball
• Join an exercise or dance class
• Take a walk around the block
• Work in the yard or garden
• Sweep the porch, sidewalk or driveway
• Train for a 5k race or fun walk

Bring on the Healthy Food
• Use veggie burger crumbles instead of ground meat
• Order soup (vegetable or bean) and salad at lunch
• Snack often on cut-up raw fruits and vegetables
• Make a stir-fry or casserole that goes easy on meat
• Try tofu in a stir-fry in place of beef or chicken
• Add nuts or seeds to a salad to give it extra crunch
• Order a veggie instead of a meat sub sandwich
• Eat a fruit and/or vegetable at every meal every day
• Make a vegetarian lasagna using lowfat ricotta
• Serve fruit and fortified soymilk on your cereal
• If you eat meat at lunch, try for a vegetarian supper
• Add beans to chili, soups, stews, and salads
• Eat a high-fiber cereal for breakfast every day
• Focus your main dishes on grains, beans and veggies
• Stuff a baked potato with vegetables, salsa, or beans
• Roll up beans and vegetables in a tortilla
• Grill or roast vegetables and serve them over rice
• Choose 100% whole wheat bread instead of white
• Top waffles and pancakes with plenty of fresh fruit

Calories Count!
• Switch to skim milk and fat-free dairy products
• Buy light yogurt, reduced-sugar syrup and jams
• Turn to fruit for a sweet snack or dessert
• Choose an English muffin instead of a bagel
• Ask for fat-free salad dressing on the side
• Eat fewer products with white flour and sugar
• Save half your sandwich for another meal
• Order soup and salad instead of an entree
• Drink water or herb tea instead of soda or alcohol
• Eat an orange instead of orange juice
• Eat a salad instead of bread at a restaurant
• Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily
• Read food labels to determine calories per portion
• Eat a healthy, high-fiber breakfast every day
• Go easy on the butter or margarine
• Use spray margarine or a low-cal tub version
• Eat most meals at home instead of going out
• Eat only when you are hungry, not when bored
• Increase your variety of fruits and vegetables

By Hollis Anne Bass, MEd, RD

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