Bridal Shower

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“Shower your life with good nutrition” can be your theme at health fairs and demonstrations.

Bridal Showers and Weddings


Decorate the table with a wishing well like you would see at a bridal shower, but fill it with fresh produce instead of greeting cards. Hang an umbrella to complete the shower theme. Give each participant a form to “register” their food choices just as the bride-to-be resisters gift choices at a department store. You can offer samples of some of the foods on the registry list. Parents may be surprised to see that their child, who “doesn’t like vegetables” has actually registered for several vegetables by choosing tomato sauce, mashed potatoes and baby carrots. Adults may appreciate receiving ingredients for their pantry, such as herbs, spices, whole grain pasta, salt-free tomato sauce, dried beans, etc.

Create a class or office shower with this idea: Suggest that everyone bring a small gift of a healthy cupboard staple like low salt tomato sauce, dehydrated vegetables and dried fruit, canola and olive oil, herbs and spices. Put these in a box or bag. Allow everyone to pick one and take it home to try. Ask them how they used their items and post tips to a bulletin board later on. This tip can also be used for people planning actual showers this summer - it works great if guests bring a healthy pantry item in place of using expensive gift wrap and gets a bride-to-be off to a great start in her kitchen.

Another idea for an actual wedding shower is to include a blank recipe card in each bridal shower invitation. Ask each guest to contribute a favorite recipe. Have a file box at the entrance to the shower so each guest can file her recipe for the new bride.


Put some fun in your classes with a wedding theme. This is perfect for classes and demos. Send out invitations that mimic wedding announcements: “You are cordially invited to witness the marriage of physical activity and good nutrition.” Your demonstration can show that without weight-bearing exercise, calcium is simply lonely and cannot prevent osteoporosis. Show how good food fuels fitness. Offer wedding-like activities—lots of dancing for fitness, healthy party favors for guests, a tossed bouquet of fresh herbs over your shoulder and don’t forget to cut the watermelon!

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