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Dear Mom,

I just want to say thank you. You do so much for me.

I am really glad you and I are breastfeeding. I was kind of confused at first, after all I was just born, but now I that I have the hang of it-- nursing is great.

I think it's neat the way you somehow know just what I need to keep me healthy. Breastmilk is so easy to digest, and it is always just the right temperature for me. You already know that by nursing I have less of a chance of developing allergies, and will probably have fewer ear infections. I loved the antibodies you gave me right from the start through your milk.

I am glad to know that you get health benefits too like a lower chance of getting ovarian or breast cancer. I know you already have so much work to do so I am glad nursing does not cost you money or make you wash bottles or spend time mixing formula.

The best part of all is that I feel warm and happy all over when you hold me in your arms and we are nursing. You are the best mommy in the world!


By Carol M. Coughlin, RD

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