Better Breakfasts

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Make a list of breakfast foods to create a display of breakfast foods.

What did you eat for breakfast this morning? Ask this question for an icebreaker before sharing the handout. Or take a month long poll and share the best and worst ideas for breakfast among employees.

Guess the calories - buy and display 3 or more of the high-calorie choices and have participants guess how many calories are in each. Our choices for what to use would be the jelly donut, the bran muffin and the McDonald’s pancakes. Most people would think the pancakes or the bran muffin are a great choice but no so with the jelly donut. Wrong!

Calories are what counts at the end of the day and we all know that fat and fiber are important, too. But this doesn’t mean they should choose the jelly donut and that is why we have a Best Bets list for breakfast foods!

Breakfast bar - use the breakfast best bets to create a healthy breakfast bar. Have participants choose a whole grain, a fruit and a milk item for their breakfast. You can also list or show which items in the cafeteria can help participants make better breakfast choices.

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