Breakfast Choices

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This is an excerpt from our new Portion Control Video on DVD and we believe a picture can speak a thousand words so we wanted to share some of the photos.

The cinnamon roll on the right is 500 calories. Our healthy breakfast platter is just 250 calories and contains more food!

Most over-sized baked goods found in so many coffee shops and bakeries can mean starting the day with too many calories not to mention a dose of fat and sugar. Big + Baked = Diet Mistake!! Most large pastries are well over 400 calories.

The healthy breakfast plate formula is 1 cup milk/nonfat yogurt, 1 serving whole grain and 1 cup fruit. Variations might include:

  • oatmeal with skim milk, fruit
  • yogurt with granola, fruit
  • smoothie (skim milk, fruit) and whole grain toast
  • small whole grain waffle with fruit and skim milk
  • whole grain cereal, skim milk, fruit
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