Boost the Appeal of Seasonal Fruit

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I just did a fall photo shoot -- wanna see?




With the holidays fast approaching and the days getting cooler, people often forget how easy it is to incorporate fruit into their parties and dinners.

One great way to bring more fruit to the table is with a fruit tower! This tower makes a fantastic addition to any dessert table, and it's also a festive centerpiece:


To make this tower, I assembled the fruits on cake stands (that I bought very cheap in a Macy's sale). You can use one to three cake stands and just stack the fruit in a symmetrical pattern to make a tower.

It's also fun to rinse apples in cold running water and set them out crisp and wet on a cake stand.


Oranges can be wrapped in paper for a fun "candy bowl" effect with small mandarin and other easy-to-peel oranges.


Finally, it's a great idea to assemble grapes, pomegranates, and persimmons on a wooden platter. Just add a knife, and people can cut up the persimmons, squeeze out the pomegranate seeds, and take some grapes to make their own personal seasonal platters.


What do you think? How will you bring fresh fruit to your holiday table?

Oh! And my fall photo shoot also included Brussels sprouts. I just shot this image of them growing on the beach in Capitola and I would love to hear what you do with them! Let me know!


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And here are a few more seasonal resources, just for you!

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