Lower Blood Pressure Trivia Game

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Play this game with your audience to help them learn about lowering their blood pressure. Each member that comes up with a right answer gets a point.

At the end, tally up the points and reward the winner with a small fruit basket or other healthy prize. At the end of the game, reward the audience with copies of healthy recipes and handouts on how to eat less sodium. You will find more information about sodium and high blood pressure in our new online CPE course about salt at www.foodandhealth.com. Here are

10 questions you can ask:

1. What is blood pressure? (The force of blood against artery walls)

2. What is considered a normal blood pressure? (120/80 or less)

3. What is the number one cause of a rise in blood pressure with age? (Excess sodium intake)

4. What are other things can you do to lower blood pressure besides lowering sodium in your diet? (Lose weight, exercise, limit alcohol intake, eat a healthier diet similar to the DASH diet)

5. If you stop using the salt shaker, does that mean you are eating a low-sodium diet? (NO!)

6. Which foods are high in sodium?

7. Which foods are low in sodium?

8. Why is high blood pressure bad? (It increases your risk for getting heart disease and/or kidney disease, and for having a stroke.)

9. What are the symptoms of high blood pressure? (None)

10. How do you find out if you have high blood pressure? (Have your blood pressure checked regularly by a health professional.)

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