Bite of the Week: Added Sugars

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Are you ready for another weekend challenge?

In our first Bite of the Week, we issued a MyPlate weekend challenge to you and your clients: make your plate look like MyPlate for at least one meal per day during the weekend. We loved your response, so we're back with another one!

This time, the focus is on added sugars. Can your clients replace a dessert or snack that was high in added sugars with a food that is more nutrient-dense?

You can implement this the same way as the first challenge!

If they try it, your clients can email you pictures of their replacement snack or dessert, post them to social media with the hashtag #AddedSugarWeekendChallenge, or share them in whatever forum you're using with your group.

By making the challenge span two days, the participants get a few chances to craft a good snack or dessert. By asking for only one per day, the challenge remains approachable.

Not only does this offer inspiration and incentive to your clients as they pick a snack, but sharing the results offers inspiration to the whole group. And, once again, you can make the whole activity part of your next blog post or newsletter.

Plus, you can do it too! This a great way to find a little recipe inspiration or spring yourself out of a rut.

If your clients are looking for inspiration, send them these amazing dessert and snack recipe posts -- they have little to no added sugars and have been a hit with our team over the years.

And of course, there's always our free eBook of healthful fruit desserts!

So what do you think? Will you take the challenge? Will your audience?

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