Billing and FAQs

Food and Health Communications, Inc. Billing Policies for Premium Memberships and Email Marketing Services

 Payments and receipts

·      All accounts are set up on a prepaid basis. They are not activated until payment is received.

·      Payments may consist of a credit card or PayPal online or you can mail a check (please include email address with payment). Once payment is received, membership is activated.

·      Pay by selecting a member choice here:

·      Members can choose annual, quarterly, or monthly for their membership billing period.

·      Members are responsible for keeping their credit cards up to date in their profiles.

·      Memberships are based on availability, not usage. Used time is not refundable.

·      All auto-renew products are automatically charged. They can be canceled at any time by contacting us.

·      Receipts are emailed immediately and all members have access to their receipts in their member profiles.

Cancel at any time:

·      Members may cancel at any time and get a refund on unused, future months and days. Simply cancel your subscription in your member profile or contact us. We will issue a refund for memberships based on the amount of time left on your subscription.

·      Email marketing subscriptions may be canceled at any time and members will receive a refund on unused months starting with the next month.

·      Customer billing periods generally occur on the day and month that your subscription was started.


How do I mail a check?

Download the form. Fill it out and mail it to the address at the bottom of the page along with your check.

What is the difference between free and premium content?

There are hundreds more articles and handouts, plus premium user tools included in the premium membership package. You simply get a lot more content. When you are logged in as a member and you search the site you can see and access everything. If you are not a paid member or not logged in you will be asked to login to view member content.

What if I want a handout and cannot find it?

Click contact us and we will help you find the material you need.

Why do you charge more for monthly, quarterly, and non-renewing annual memberships?

When you choose the annual auto-renew option it costs less for us to maintain  in our administrative hours so we pass those savings along to you.

If I renew early do I lose days?

No. If you renew early, you will keep all of the days you have, plus all of the days that you purchase, in your renewal. This is great for early birds who wish to take advantage of discounts for renewing early.

What is quarterly billing?

Quarterly billing charges your account every 3 months. This is ideal for a private practitioner who wants to pay a small amount 4 times per year. Your membership will keep renewing every quarter.