Big + Baked = Diet Mistake!

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In the market for a treat? Take a look at the size of what you are ordering! We were recently surprised to find out that a Starbucks Cararmel Brownie contains almost 600 calories per serving! Most baked goods sold in coffee stores are HUGE. And that means the calories they contain are quite hefty. If you ate one of everything listed in the Starbucks nutritional guide you would consume over 32,000 calories. That sounds like a lot, but you would only need to eat one item a day for 80 days to get to that amount of calories!! Everyday decisions can have a great impact on your waist over time. Most bagels, cookies, brownies, bars, muffins and cakes offered in restaurants and coffee stores are upwards of 400 calories each. The large sizes are appealing to consumers because they think they are getting a value. Since most of the cost of these items is labor cost, it is very appealing for vendors to offer large items for more money. The solution? Buy small! Take a look at the items on the bottom chart. They are smaller and contain far fewer calories than their jumbo counterparts in the top chart.

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