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2019 was a great year on the Food and Health Communications website. We featured many new topics and trends in health, food, nutrition, and sustainability with hundreds of thousands of readers served!

Here are the best articles of the year based on reader popularity:

Here are the highlights, in chronological order with many being series and spanning multiple weeks:

  1. Mediterranean Diet Staples - This series covered all of the ingredient categories of the Mediterranean diet and each one comes with a handout. We researched beans, vegetables, fruits, oils, alcohols, and whole grains from this delicious region.
  2. Biometric Makeover - This series covered all of the ways that diet and lifestyle can help people improve their biometrics, BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar.
  3. Set Achievable Goals - A handout to help everyone get started and stay on track with realistic and measurable goals
  4. On Your Plate - this series covered each group from MyPlate
  5. New Food Label Spotlight is a series that covered all of the essential elements from the new food label that is rolling out for 2020
  6. More Plant, Less Cow - What the research says for better health
  7. Fact-Checking: Package Claims Versus Food Label
  8. 10 Free Nutrition Handouts
  9. Rainbow Activities
  10. Eating from the Rainbow - Covering All The Colors - a series that was popular over many weeks since it covered red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple items.
  11. White Or Red Meat?
  12. Should We Fear MSG?
  13. Hot Facts for Frozen Meals
  14. Food Neophobia
  15. Dozen Easy Ideas - A Series that helps folks use the least expensive fruits and veggies in many ways all week. The idea is to buy cheap in bulk and serve many ways all week!
  16. 9 Great Takeaways from My CIA MPS Program
  17. 2019 FNCE Highlights
  18. Feeding Vegetarians on Thanksgiving
  19. Holiday Survival
  20. American Diet - Infogram on News, Media, Fad Diets, Foods

Research highlights for 2019, in chronological order:

  1. Does Food Security Promote Obesity
  2. More Fiber Means Less Disease
  3. Excess Energy Promotes Cancer
  4. New Lifestyle Guidelines for Cardiovascular Risk
  5. 10 Ways to Prevent Cancer from AICR
  6. Does Ratio of Energy Macronutrients Promote Obesity?
  7. High Fat Diet Promotes Colon Cancer
  8. Plant-Based Diet Protects Kidneys
  9. Hit the Hay to Prevent Diabetes
  10. Nutrition for Cancer Prevention
  11. Plant-Based Diet Reduces End-Stage Renal Disease
  12. Microbiota and Cancer
  13. Achieve Diabetes Remission
  14. Is Red Meat Safe?
  15. Does Low LDL-C Promote Hemorrhagic Stroke?
  16. Sustainable: Good for Us, Our Wallets, and the Planet


Here are the most popular articles ever published from how to make a salad to how to do a cooking demo!

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