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2018 marks the 25th year that I have been in business developing culinary nutrition education materials for dietitians and other health professionals.

Much has happened in the past quarter of a decade, including the coming and going of the "fat-free" food trend, Internet/social media, low-carb-high-protein diets, a gluten-free fad, the Pyramid to MyPlate shift, 5 Dietary Guidelines updates, sustainability/local foods/plant-based eating, a plethora of research, some of which is industry funded, a recession, and gentrification/globalization of our society. Can we say WOWZA?! I have loved following it all.  

Ironically, my whole business took off over a "holiday presentation kit." How is that you ask? Well, the reason is simple. Every month I would publish a page in my newsletter for resources for dietitians so they could educate their clients. And in November or December's issue I was trying to find "holiday resources" and there were NONE. So I decided to make one titled, The Holiday Presentation Kit. And it sold well! It was designed to be used as a cooking demo kit complete with handouts. I got a paradigm shift to make more education kits and never looked back!

The holidays go by so fast and people are so distracted with their social media accounts that healthy holiday eating education is not nearly as popular of a topic as just doing something simple and effective all year

But I know our readers want to publish healthy holiday tips and we always get emails saying, "thank you we are printing this and putting it on our bulletin board or we are passing it out clients or publishing it in a newspaper or appearing on TV or doing a class or making handouts." So I set about going through this blog to find the best holiday posts and to update and list them for our readers.

Here are all of our best holiday articles, based on reader views.


  1. Holiday Presentation Ideas - some of our best ideas from our readers for healthful holiday eating lessons
  2. Holiday Wreath - a holiday salad that looks like a wreath and will make any cook very proud - this is my favorite!
  3. Health Benefits of Holiday Spices
  4. Pear Centerpiece
  5. How to Make A Healthy Holiday Plate
  6. 5 Tips to Lower Holiday Calorie Intake
  7. Holiday Survival for Diabetes Patients
  8. Holiday MyPlate - 4 Step Plan
  9. Healthful Holiday Beverages
  10. Holiday Leftover Ideas
  11. Holiday Wellness Challenge
  12. Best Light Pumpkin Pie
  13. Pumpkin Pie for Diabetes Patients
  14. Best Holiday Party Tips
  15. Holiday Shopping



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