Be an Olympian in the Game of Health

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The summer Olympics will be held in Athens in August 2004. Watching the Olympics can be a very motivating experience for all of us. It is fun to turn on the television every day and have the games to watch. But don’t stop there – you can also be an Olympian in your own game of health! Here are the lessons we can learn from the athletes.

Choose from among dozens of sports
The Olympic athletes excel in sports they love and are designed to do. You have just as many choices as they do: triathlon, swimming, running, cycling, basketball and much more. Spend some time experimenting with new things and find the sports that you enjoy doing the most. Be more active, and you are on the road to better health. Take a look at our list below for ideas.1

It is never too late
Did you know that the oldest Olympic gold medalist was 64 years old?2 It is never too late for you to start on the road to better fitness and health.

Find a coach
Most athletes have a coach to help them train efficiently. Coaches are for everyone – not just Olympic athletes. Don’t be afraid to consult a dietitian3 for better eating or a personal trainer for a good workout plan. You should also choose a good friend who is on the right track and will be a mentor and encourage you.

Set your goals
Olympic athletes are successful because they make fitness their main goal and stick to it. If you want to venture down the road to better health, weight control and fitness, you have to make that a priority. Surround yourself with teammates who will share the same goal and belief!

Positive mindset
Gold medalists think they can attain a gold medal. Positive thoughts will help you on your road to a better diet and exercise routine. Always think you can, and never give up!

Sports You Can Try

Aquatics - swimming, water polo,
• Archery
• Athletics – running, jumping and throwing
• Badminton
• Baseball
• Basketball
• Boxing
• Canoeing
• Cycling
• Equestrian
• Fencing
• Field hockey
• Football
• Gymnastics
• Handball
• Judo
• Modern
• Pentathlon –
discus, javelin, long jump, the stadium-length race, and wrestling
• Rowing
• Sailing
• Shooting
• Softball
• Table tennis
• Taekwondo
• Tennis
• Triathlon – swim, bike, run
• Volleyball
• Weightlifting
• Wrestling

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