Be a Winner with Fruits and Veggies

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans explain three important ways that fruits and veggies are good for you. We like to put them in the WIN category:

Weight: The more fruits and veggies that you eat, the easier it is to manage your weight. Usually you hear moderation, portion control and count- ing calories. But the simple thing about fruits and veggies is that they are low in calories and calorie density and high in fiber. So when you are eating more of them you tend to displace higher calorie foods. A study published in the 2007 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (Vol 85, No. 6, 1465- 1477, June 2007) found reducing dietary energy density, particularly by combining increased fruit and vegetable intakes with decreased fat intake, is an effective strategy for managing body weight while controlling hunger.

I am healthier - people who consumer greater amounts of fruits and veggies tend to lower their risk and have less incidence of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers.

Nutrients - Fruits and veggies contain most of the nutrients that most people are lacking. Vitamins, minerals and fiber are presented in a colorful pack- age that is proven for health, inexpensive, good for you and void of added fat, sugar and sodium. Many, like apples and bananas can be ready on the go faster than fast food. AND they are great for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. What more could you ask for!

The next time you shop, start in the produce section and become inspired with more salad and more fruit. Those are 2 easy ways to add more fruits and veggies to your meals without a lot of planning or cooking.

Here are four more ways to jumpStart your WIN:

• Start - run out the door with fruits for breakfast and skip the bakery stand or fast food place.

• Smooth - use fruit smoothies instead of ice cream; they are a delicious fruity treat.

• Snack - choose fruits and veggies instead of high-cal packaged snacks.

• Steam - steam fresh veggies for dinner.

• Stack - stack fruits and veggies in your lunch so you save calories and money each day.


FMI about the Dietary Guidelines, see

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