Apple Tasting Project

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Apple Tasting Project
Here is a fun audience participation activity that involves tasting new varieties of apples:
1. Purchase 4 different varieties of apples, buying two of each type for every 6 or 8 people you will have in the group. If you have access to a farmer’s market or produce stand, check it out for varieties of apples not available in the supermarket. You will also need paper plates.
2. Have participants sit at tables or in circles in groups of 6 or 8.
3. Give each participant a scorecard like the one below.
4. Start with the mildest flavored apple (usually baking apples are the sharpest) and slice one per group. Place the apple slices on a plate, one for each group, along with a whole apple.
5. Allow participants to taste and score the apple according to the characteristics given on the scorecard. While they are tasting the apple, see if participants can guess what type of apple they are tasting. Give best uses for that apple; encourage group input.
6. Next, have each person total their score for that apple then get a group average. The person whose score most closely matches their group’s average score wins the whole apple.
7. Repeat steps 4 through 6 until all apples have been tasted.
By Beth Fontenot, MS, RD.



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