Apple Delights

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Apples are still in season in your grocery store. There are more varieties now than ever before and particularly if you are lucky enough to have local apple farmers living near you.

I decided to investigate easy ways to serve apples.

The first and most delicious choice is to build a beautiful bowl of a variety of fresh apples and keep it on the counter. Of course if it takes you more than a few days to eat them all you will want to keep them in the refrigerator.

It is easy to take a batch of baked apples and turn them into exciting but simple-to-make desserts.

Step one: cut the apples off their core and cut in wedges. Place them in a glass baking pan with a little water and bake for 20 minutes at 350 degrees. We did not add sugar or any spices because we wanted to use them as a base to make other concoctions.

You can make a few things with these baked apples. Here is what we made!

Cinnamon and whipped cream topping:

Note how there is barely a tablespoon of whipped cream in one thin loop around the edge. We topped the apples with a little ground cinnamon.

Or you can take a page from ice cream manufacturer Humphry Slocombe and go Indian with your spices! This manufacturer, located in the Mission district of SF makes an amazing Golden Milk ice cream with tumeric. So we added non-dairy coffee creamer, cardamom, tumeric, and fresh grated ginger to have a similar taste:

Then we took our baked apples to the food processor and make 2 different flavor sensations: apple pie and blueberry apple.

Finally, we finished off the baked apples into a smoothie by mixing with milk and berries:


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