Amazing Nutrition Handouts: Round Two

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The fun continues with the next installment of the most popular free nutrition handouts we've created. Which ones will you use?

Cholesterol levels have a huge impact on health, yet many people don't know where to start when it comes to getting their cholesterol under control. Enter the post, Take Control of Your Cholesterol Levels, which features one of the most popular handouts we've ever created. With a discussion of what cholesterol is, why people should care about their cholesterol levels, and what they can do to get their cholesterol under control, it's no wonder that this one was a winner, right out of the gate.

Take Control of Your Cholesterol Levels

The next handout in the lineup comes from one of my favorite sources: reader requests!  Pat Hunter, MA, RD wrote to me and said “I love the idea of presenting to a group of teens a display of sweetened drinks/foods and then post the amount of exercise required to burn off calories from those items. Judy do you have a quick list?” Of course I did! I turned that request into one of the most popular printable nutrition materials I've ever made, showcasing the new handout in the post Reader Request: Burning Off Beverage Calories.  How will you use your free copy?

Burn It Off!

The next free nutrition handout is especially near and dear to my heart. After exploring portion control in PowerPoints, posters, handouts, displays, and countless blog posts, I was sure I had said all I could on the subject. Of course, that's when inspiration struck again and I had the idea to deconstruct dinners for better portion control! The resulting post, Portion Control: Deconstructed drew more attention than I ever thought possible, sparking conversations about participate engagement, the importance of inspiration, and having fun in the kitchen. Take a look at the free printable handout to see what started it all!

Portion Control Handout

The fourth handout I want to feature in this review was a total surprise to me. I never dreamed that people would fall in love with a handout about popcorn, but it became a fan favorite almost as soon as it was posted. The article, Popcorn Basics, was written by Cheryle Jones Syracuse, MS, Professor Emeritus at The Ohio State University. It covers the calories in stovetop and microwave popcorns, proposing a new approach to help make this whole grain snack as healthy as possible. Get the details in the free handout, featured below.

Popcorn 101

And the last handout in today's roundup will help you get ahead of the game before Digestive Diseases Awareness Month begins in May. The post Digestive Diseases 101 features a comprehensive rundown of diverticular disease, celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and ulcerative colitis. The handout that comes with it discusses the importance of awareness and features lots of links for more information. Check it out!

Digestive Disease Awareness Handout

And that concludes our roundup of top free printable nutrition education materials! For more resources, drop by the Nutrition Education Store! Some of my favorite materials are featured below...

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