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Rice is one of the least calorie-dense grains, making it a top grain choice for those trying to lose weight.

Calories per pound:
Oatmeal 299
Rice 499
Pasta 639
Bread bagels 1229
Dry cereal 1663

Rice is very inexpensive and can help those who are looking to watch their food dollars.
Better still, rice is also very versatile in the kitchen. You can buy many varieties including these popular ones:
- Brown rice - great for pilaf
- Arborio - for creamy risotto dishes
- Jasmine - an aromatic rice
- Basmati - an aromatic rice that smells like toasted nuts while it is cooking
- Valencia - used in Paella dishes
The recipes in this months issue feature rice. We like that we can cook big batches of brown rice in our rice cooker and freeze them in plastic bags in the freezer - this makes fast healthy meals a snap.

One Pot of Rice, Many Meals
Did you know that one large pot of rice can make a few good meals?
Here is what you can do in your kitchen:
• Make a big batch of rice (2 cups brown rice, 4 cups water) in your rice cooker or on the stove. Makes  6 cups which is about 8 servings.
• Use some for dinner.
• Freeze the rest in bags for later use.
Rice freezes very well and can come out of the freezer in a moment’s notice for quick meals like beans and rice, stiry fry, chicken or fish with rice, etc.
To use the frozen rice, place in covered glass dish with a little water. Microwave on full power until the rice is heated through, about 5-6 minutes.
Flavor your rice with fresh lemon juice, chopped herbs, sundried tomatoes,  salsa or sauteed garlic.

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