ABC Show – Fun Letter Shapes and Fruit and Vegetable Identification Activity or Game

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Here is a really fun video and matching powerpoint that doubles as a fun activity to identify fruits and vegetables as well as the alphabet for kids.

You can download this Powerpoint show and use it in classes. Kids can guess what kind of fruit or vegetable they are seeing and they can find the letter shape.

This project was created for an abstract art class where you can find and observe letter shapes in everyday objects. Use it for #MyPlate to remind everyone to fill half their plate with fruits and vegetables.

Here are all the images in order from A to Z.

Here is the key

A - sweet potatoes

B - tomatoes

C - sweet potato noodles

D delicata squash

E watermelon

F carrots

G chard

H parsnips

I asparagus

J pea sprouts

K summer squash

L pumpkin

M winter squash

N grapes

O figs

P asparagus

Q bell peppers

R tomatoes

S radishes

T grapes

U bok choy

V leeks

W carrots

X summer squash

Y hot peppers

Z tomatoes and summer squash (trumpet squash

The ending is the whole alphabet in a big huge winter squash pile.


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