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Putting together an engaging and informative cooking demonstration is much harder than it looks. Don't worry, though, because our chefs and presenters have tons of wonderful cooking demonstrations under their belts. They've gotten all that work down to a science. In fact, Judy Doherty, PC II and founder of Food and Health Communications, Inc is going to share some of her top cooking demonstration guides here today -- everything from planning to execution.

Here is a fun dinner that costs about $2-2.50 per person (if using Sprouts or Trader Joe's). We had such a great response to our "stretching your protein" post that we thought we would start experimenting to make great meals on a budget. I chopped up all of the odds and ends from my refrigerator. ... Stretching Our Protein – In Action – Winner Dinner!

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Last month we discussed the challenge of helping overweight clients lose and then keep off excess body fat stores and how data from the National Weight Control Registry and similar data from other countries can provide some insights. Of course, knowing what the relatively small percent of people did...