8 Applications for Health

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Hollis Bass, MEd, RD, came up with a great idea for kids that has spurned a new product set. We wanted to share it here for members so they could use it for class ideas, too!

8 Applications of Health – Most kids know what an “App” is - either they have an iTouch or iPhone, or their friends do, too. Why not come up with 8 applications of health?

Here is her list:

1.i-move - don’t sit

2.i-choose - better choices

3.i-drink - not so much soda

4.i-read - food labels, that is

5.i-fruit/veg - more more more

6.i-measure - portion control

7.i-order - do better when out

8.i-health - what is health?

It is based for today’s kids who need to move more and make better food choices.

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