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Have you seen our new poster, Seven Simple Steps? It reviews seven simple steps to save over 500,000 calories per year! It even comes with a free handout that provides all the details for each step. Because we love you, today we'll preview the first three steps from our poster. If you'd like to get the details for the other steps, check out the Seven Simple Steps poster in our Nutrition Education Store today!

Step One: Make a Healthy Plate

MyPlate is a great guide to proper portions and proportions at every meal. Balance your calorie intake with MyPlate’s helpful suggestions and messages. For example, one of MyPlate’s major messages is a call to fill half your plate with fruits and veggies at each meal. If you do this, you will save an average of 300 calories per meal. That’s 109,500 calories per year!

Step Two: Choose Fruit

By replacing a daily snack of potato chips with a medium apple, you will save 21,900 calories per year. An apple contains an average of 80 calories, while potato chips have roughly 140 calories per serving. These calorie differences can really add up over time.

Step Three: Go Calorie-Free

When it comes to choosing beverages, choose options with no calories. Lots of sodas, sport drinks, and tea beverages contain way more sugar than you might expect. Since these are mostly empty calories, just skip them. Replacing one can of soda with a calorie-free drink (water, diet soda, unsweetened coffee or tea) every day will save you 54,750 calories per year!

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