5 Simple Ways to Liven Up Your Kitchen

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One of our favorite dietitian writers is Victoria Shanta Retelny, RDN, LDN. She is the author of her own website, Simple Cravings, Real Food and now also of a new book titled, Total Body Diet for Dummies.

Today I have a special treat because Vicki has allowed us to share one of our favorite pages from that book with the readers of Food and Health Communications, Inc. But which page to choose?

After much debate, we decided on the creative list titled "Five Simple Ways to Liven Up Your Kitchen." If you buy the book, you'll find this list on page 117, right before the delicious recipe section.

And now, without further ado, Five Simple Ways to Liven Up Your Kitchen, excerpted from Total Diet for Dummies:

  1. Invite family and friends over to cook. You may be in a cooking rut or not be inspired to cook. Let friends and family come to the rescue by inviting them over.
  2. Cook from creativity without recipes. Allow yourself to cook with reckless abandon! Best of all, use what you have in your pantry and refrigerator to create a culinary masterpiece. Toss the vegetables you have into a stir fry or chili dish.
  3. Buy new kitchen gadgets! It is always fun to get something novel to use in the kitchen like a microplane, a peeler, or even a special knife. You feel empowered when you have tools in the kitchen that can make meal prep easier and more fun.
  4. Refresh your refrigerator! Ignorance is bliss when it comes to what's in the recesses of your fridge. However, when you clear out the clutter and toss dated cartons, cans, and bottles, and refresh with new dressings, yogurt, produce and condiments, you'll feel better opening the refrigerator and creating a new eating experience!
  5. Create cooking ambiance with inspiring music! Next time you are in your kitchen and getting ready to make a meal or thinking about it, turn on the tunes! Let your music move you!

Get these tips and all of Victoria's best recipes and nutrition knowledge from her new book on Amazon now! Total Body Diet For Dummies
And, if you're looking for inspiration to help with tip #3, here are two gadgets that Vicki loves...

  1. To zest citrus rinds or finely grate Parmesan cheese, whole nutmeg, ginger or garlic, she uses a handy, dandy microplane.
  2. Whether you are a planner or fly-by-your-seater, you can tenderize meat, poultry, fish, or root veggies slowly or pressure cook them quickly with the Breville Fast Slow Pro TM . Vicki says, "It’s great for soups, stews, chili, ratatouille – as well as pulled pork, chicken, risotto, and mashed potatoes.  This has been a culinary lifesaver for me in the kitchen!"

The best way to share your new cooking tools with families, friends, and clients is on Pinterest - check our list out now.

Here is my favorite new tool for cooking protein items perfectly every time:
Polder Original Cooking All-In-One Timer/Thermometer

What's yours? Let us know! Check out how I used the thermometer to cook the most perfect salmon to exactly 145 degrees F:

IMG_3619 IMG_3613 FullSizeRender(3) FullSizeRender(1)

For more cooking tools, check these out:

And finally, here's a PDF handout with a few of Vicki's tips...

Kitchen Tips

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