5 Sneaky Ways to Better Dinners at Home

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Improve yo dinnah 5 Sneaky Ways to Better Dinners at Home


??You make it?- instead of cooking every meal for older kids - tell them, ?you make it? - kids can learn to make their own healthy lunches for school, dinners and breakfast.

??Buffet?- they say that variety?and buffets increase consumption.?While that might?not be good for coconut?cream pie, roast beef and?yorkshire pudding, it is great?for salads, baby carrots,?steamed broccoli, cucumber?sticks - you get the picture. If?you prepare a fun buffet with?a big ?variety of veggies -?they will eat more and your?leftovers can be used the?next day.
??Roast it?- most items you?make can be put in the oven?and left to bake. An entire?dinner can go in the oven,?offering relief to a busy cook?and a wonderful aroma to a?house.
??10+10?- whenever we are?very busy and have to put?out a dinner fast, we use our?10+10 rule. 10 minutes and?cook pasta for 10 minutes.?The last 5 minutes get the?table set, the vegetables?cooked and the salads?made.
??Beans all day?- A crockpot?of beans makes bean nachos?for lunch/snacks and?bean burritos for dinner.
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