5 Mistakes of Label Reading

We are excited to present 2 posters on label reading.

Label Reading Poster

This poster and matching handout set sum up the 5 most common mistakes made when shopping for packaged foods in the grocery store. How many times do people ignore Nutrition Facts Labels, choose packages and bottles that look like one serving but are really more, buy items that contain way too much sodium, or imagine they can munch all day on lowfat or sugar free items? Here are these 5 mistakes as featured in the fun illustrations on the posters:

1. Ignore the label

2. More than one serving in a package that looks like a single serving

3. Too high in sodium

4. Sugar free or fat free is not calorie free

5. Package sounds healthier than the facts

These mistakes are based on many new food reports over a period of 15 years in our newsletter Communicating Food for Health, plus a survey of hundreds of foods for a game we made for nutrition facts label reading. If you have tips on teaching label reading add them below and we will give the top 5 responses a free set of posters.

Examine the Facts
Examine the Facts teaches 3 basic steps to evaluate a product quickly based on its nutrient analysis. Label reading is as easy as 1-2-3. AND an example is given that shows why it is better to compare a label - you save a lot of fat by choosing skim milk. PLUS handy reminders show the total nutrients needed for a day.

1. Calories - what is the total number of calories in this package? What is a serving size? How many servings in this package?

2. Heart healthy - how much saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol and sodium does this package contain?

3. Nutritional value - how much fiber? How many other nutrients?

Label Reading 2 Poster Set - you can get both posters and save over 20%

  • Examine the Facts
  • The 5 Mistakes of Label Reading

These two posters, by Food and Health Communications are designed to really teach everyone just what they need to know about label reading and the Nutrition Facts Panel.

Order now and we will offer priority shipping once the posters hit our door - they are being printed right now and will ship within 2 weeks.

Add a tip about teaching label reading below and we will award the top 5 tips with a free poster set plus 3 months membership to Communicating Food for Health newsletter and resource service.

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