4 Class Seminar for Adults

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June Alpert Jacobs, MS, RD, is a dietitian in private practice in New York who has a clever 4 class seminar for her clients. She sent the titles to us by email and we thought the idea of these four one-hour classes, along with their titles, was a good idea and she agreed to let us share them here:

Eat, Drink & Be Healthy! A Guide to Foods for Fitness & Health

Realistic & practical nutrition guidelines to help you achieve your nutrition and wellness goals.

Discover the hidden fat, sugar and salt in the foods you eat and learn how to make the healthiest choices.

The Food Lover’s Guide to Losing Weight & Keeping it Off!

Take control of your food intake with a hands-on visual guide to “portion distortion.”

Learn the tricks of the trade to eating thin for life, without feeling hungry.

Dining Out... Without Guilt!

Learn to make the healthiest menu selections at all your favorite restaurants.

Uncover the facts and fallacies about some of your favorite foods and beverages.

Editor's note:

Victoria Shanta Retelny, RD, LDN, is a dietitian in private practice. She has been compiling great tips on her site livingwellcommunications.com about managing stress to control calories consumed. “Mindfulness is a learned skill that is linked to improvements in overall health. According to recent research on mindful eating in a 2009 article in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, mindfulness goes beyond typical weight management techniques of food logging, meal planning and portion control to a physical and emotional awareness of how you feel while eating or in a food-related environment.” V.S.R.

The Supermarket Shopping Guide

An aisle-by-aisle guide to selecting the tastiest and healthiest foods and beverages in the supermarket.

Shopping tips to help you understand the latest nutrition label lingo, nutrition claims and the top 10 superfoods.


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