3 Butternut Squash Shopping Tips

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Whether you're doing some last-minute Thanksgiving shopping or were just reminded of the goodness of butternut squash in the latest edition of Fun Vegetable Trivia, we thought some butternut squash shopping tips might come in handy today.

So, without further ado, here are three of our favorites!

Butternut Squash Shopping Tip #1: Choose a squash that's heavy for its size and free of any cuts or bruises.

Butternut Squash Shopping Tip #2: Try a nearby farmers' market or farm stand. You can often find sweet varieties of butternut squash -- along with other winter squashes in all shapes and sizes. Going to a local market or farm stand is a fun way to change up your vegetable routine in general, and we've gotten some fantastic butternut squash at our local stands lately.

Butternut Squash Shopping Tip #3: Look to the rind! Butternut squashes with hard, deep-colored rinds usually taste the best.

You can also buy frozen pureed squash (choose some without added sugar or sodium) or pre-peeled, pre-cut butternut squash. Which option is best for you?


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