2019 Resolution Calendar Handout

One of our most popular posts of the year is our "resolution calendar" where we offer a handout that lists a great healthy activity one can do every month to stay on track for a healthful diet and lifestyle all year.

Here are a few popular ones we have done:

Free Resolution Calendar for the New Year

Resolutions into Solutions

MyPlate Resolution Calendar

Make Your New Year's Resolutions Stick

24 Top New Year's Resolutions

This year we adopted a 12 step plan for individuals to use all year to try new healthful foods and have fun activities that include exercise classes, farmer's markets, and cooking projects.

Each month's activity considers the weather, season, and health calendar. PLUS each activity offers tips and benefits to make it more fun.

Download the 2019 12-Month New Year's Resolution Calendar now!

Use it as a handout or a fun guide to create classes all year.

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