2015 Year in Review

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Presentation for MyPlateWhat a year it has been! 2015 was chock-full of new nutrition policy, scientific research, and health information. Want to take a quick look at some of the highlights?

The FDA, Added Sugars, and Trans Fats

The Food and Drug Administration has been full of updates this year, and many of them are good news for consumers and health educators alike. Back in August, the FDA proposed adding a Daily Value (DV) maximum for added sugars to the Nutrition Facts Label. According to their announcement, the “FDA is proposing including the percent daily value (%DV) for added sugars on the Nutrition Facts label of packaged foods, giving consumers additional information for added sugars similar to information they have seen for decades with respect to nutrients such as sodium and certain fats.” Offering this information could be a serious boon for people who are trying to improve their diets and eat healthfully. To get more details, visit the post Food News: The FDA, Daily Values, and Added Sugars.

But wait, there's more!

In June of this year, the FDA also stopped categorizing certain trans fats as generally recognized as safe (GRAS). In our blog post, Breaking News: FDA and Trans Fats, we enumerated which type of fat no longer has GRAS status (spoiler alert: it's partially-hydrogenated oils) and where you can go for more information.

2015 certainly was an exciting year for the FDA!

The USDA Grant

Of course, the FDA wasn't the only agency that had fun in 2015. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) also offered $8 million in grants to schools and child care centers. We shared that news with you in the post Breaking News: USDA Offers $8 Million to Schools and Child Care Centers, which outlined how the grants would be divided, who is eligible for these grants, and why they're being offered now. According to the USDA, “The grants [...] add to the large number of resources that USDA provides to help schools serve healthier food options that meet updated nutrition standards, including technical assistance, educational materials, and additional reimbursements.”

Food and Health's 2015 Highlights

Now let's zoom in a bit on the resources we created for you this year. According to our latest data, the top 5 most popular blog posts that we published this year were...

As a bonus, today I want to share a brand-new cheese handout inspired by the post Cheese 101! Enjoy!

Cheese 101

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