10 Lessons We Learned From Making A Fiber Video

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Last week, we got a call from a long-time customer who is a dietitian at a cardiac rehab center in Scottsdale, Arizona. She needed a comprehensive video about fiber for her patients, who suffer from heart disease and diabetes, and while they are too busy to get together and watch a video, they needed something to watch while exercising. We sprang into action, putting together a PowerPoint show with Hollis Bass, MA, RD, and filming a video. It was a fun ride, and we learned a lot along the way!

Check out the ten most important fiber tips and a bonus health claim video below...

1) It takes about 5-10 grams of soluble fiber on a daily basis to lower LDL cholesterol. http://www.cdc.gov/nutrition/downloads/R2P_life_change.pdf

2) If you are eating enough fiber per day (25-38 grams per day), then you will likely get enough soluble fiber. Need details? Here's a great chart!


Totals: 28 grams total fiber and 10 grams soluble fiber.

3) Salads can bring a lot more fiber if you add half as many veggies as lettuce. Look at this one that has 10 grams:



4) By adding berries and nuts to a high fiber cereal, you can start your day with over 15 grams of fiber!

Slide42 _FHC2334

5. Eating an orange instead of drinking orange juice helps you get more fiber (2.5 grams versus <1 gram) with fewer calories. Plus, oranges are super portable and a great mid-morning snack!


1 cup orange juice = 105 calories, .5 g fiber

1 orange = 45 calories, 2.5 grams fiber

6. A high-fiber diet is an all-day affair: Breakfast, lunch, dinner. This is the easiest way to bring in 30 or more grams per day. There is a lot more to it than eating prunes, but if you remember that fiber is found in whole plant foods, and you eat them at every meal, you will get enough fiber every day. Most Americans don't get enough fiber and fiber is listed as a nutrient of concern for the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

7. Beans are fiber superstars (and they are fun to arrange on a water hyacinth plate charger, too):

_FHC2326 Slide34

8. Research shows that higher intake of whole grain, high-fiber cereal can reduce the risk of death by heart attack for older people:

_FHC2317 Slide16

9. Prehistoric man ate 77-120 grams of fiber per day:


10. It is really easy to switch out ice cream for plain Greek yogurt topped with sliced fruits and almonds:


So, what are you waiting for?

Our new Fiber DVD/CD set is perfect for an adult audience made up of people who need to lose weight, lower their cholesterol, and/or control their blood sugar (especially if they have diabetes).

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When you buy the program, you'll get a DVD with a 10 minute video, along with 2 PowerPoint shows on CD:
1) The first show is the movie, embedded in PowerPoint so that you don't need a TV/DVD to show it.
2) The second is an in-depth PowerPoint presentation with slides and  speaker's notes.

You can also immediately download the PowerPoint/PowerPoint with video if you are in a hurry and need it now!

This is the first of a series of DVDs that we are working on. If you need something special, email or call us and we will happily make educational items for evidence-based, peer-reviewed science that supports the Dietary Guidelines. We are now working on an omega-3 fish chart and a "best to worst" fat chart for a grocery store dietitian. #SpecialProjectsAreUs!

Check out the excerpts from our YouTube channel and feel free to embed these lessons on your own site!

Become a premium member today and get access to hundreds of articles and handouts plus our premium tools!

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